Alexandria Renew Payment Options

alexrenew logoAlexandria Renew Enterprises is dealing with waste management in the US and is located Alexandria. It is also known as AlexRenew and was previously known as “Alexandria Sanitation Authority”. Alexandria Renew helps more than 350K people.

There are various options available for you to pay your bill. They are:

Pay Alexandria Renew Enterprises bill by Phone:

To pay by phone dial this number 703-549-3383. You can pay using  your credit or debit card. However please note that a processing fee will be charged.

Pay alexrenew by mail

Detach and return the bill stub on your statement with your check or money order to this adress:
Alexrenew adress

Use the return envelope provided with your bill.

Pay in person

Customers have the option of walking in to any of our many locations to pay their bill. They can search for the nearest or most convenient location for them by zip code . This is done by clicking on this link.

This is not a free service. Most of the stores charge a fee for processing your payment, so be sure to carry some cash. This service is offered by CheckFreePay.

Pay online

For online payment, several options exist at page, they are automatic and credit/debit card payments.

Automatic payment

This is a convenient way to pay since you wont have to remember to pay your bill and it will always be paid on time always. Payment is done automatically from your savings or checking account. This is a free service and to enroll in this service simply click on the enroll button, and you will be redirect to this link:

alexrenew enrollment

Credit/Debit card payment

You can use your debit or credit card to pay your bill online. via Quick Pay. This however will incur a fee for processing the card. The fee is dependent on the amount you are paying. The cards accepted are shown on the log in screen on this URL:

alexrenew logo3


In case of any misunderstanding, dont hasstiate and contact Alexandria Renew Enterprises bill payment team throug the phone number / adress on the bottom of this page, or via e-mail: [email protected].

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Company name : Alexandria Renew Enterprises
Address : P.O. Box 26428 Alexandria
State: VA
Zip Code : 22313
Phone Number : (703)549-3383

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