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Alabama Power LogoAlabama Power is a utility company providing electricity to over 1.4 million customers. The customer base includes homes, business and industries that rely on the company to supply their electricity. To make it easy for their customers to pay their electricity bills in a fast and secure way, and view their account statements, Alabama Power has made several online payment options available. The Alabama Power Login option gives customers secure access to all their account details. Customers can access the online services by registering and logging into their Alabama Power account although they can pay their bill online without being registered.

How to Register your Alabama Power Account

  • From the Alabama Power website http://www.alabamapower.com/ in the “My account” section, click on “Sign Up”. This action will open the online customer care portal which has a section for a new user.

Alabama Power registration2

  • Click on the red “Register Now” button. This action opens a page where the customer can enter their chosen username and password which they will be using every time to login to their account.

Alabama Power registration

  • The customer is also required to enter their name and e-mail address and after reading the terms of service, accept the them and click on the “Submit” button. An e-mail will be sent to the address provided to complete the registration process.

Alabama Power Login Page

  • From the Alabama Power website http://www.alabamapower.com/ in the “My account” section, click on the Sign In button. The online customer care portal page will be opened, where the customer will enter their username and password then click on the Login button. The password is case sensitive so the customer has to type it in exactly the same way.
  • In case the password has been forgotten, simply click on “forgot password?” then enter the user name in the page that is opened to reset the password.
  • The Alabama Power Login form can also be accessed by selecting any of the Quick Links on the home page, which will open the online customer care portal where there is a Login button.

In case of any confusion, pleas contact Alabama Power login team at-

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Company name : Alabama Power
Address : P.O. Box 242
State: Birmingham
Zip Code : Alabama 35292
Phone Number : 1-800-245-2244

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